Anchal History

History of Anchal

According to the local legends and scholars, there were human settlement in this region in the ancient time and medieval periods. The rock-cut caves and stone inscription indicate the same with strong evidence. Until the medieval period, groups of tribal population in few numbers were permanently get settled in this region. Later this region came under the direct control of the Travancore Kingdom of South India. During the British period, few planters with the help of local labors established plantation estates and cultivated cardamom, pepper and other export-oriented spices from this hilly region. After getting independence in India, this town was one of the most backward towns with few human settlement and poor infrastructures. With the coordination of the local residents and state government now, this town is one of the flourishing towns of Kerala.

According to the local legends, the town derived its name Anchal that means ” the land of five proverbs ” according to the Malayalam language. It is to note that this town is facing the quick pace of development in Kerala. It is to be remembered that this town is a strategic location between the MC road and the National highway no 208. This has really helped the Anchal to be emerged as a hub of commercial and trade development in Kollam Dist of Kerala. Anchal has earned a name as an educational center in the district of Kollam because there are many educational institutions in this area. The popular educational institutions are Sabarigiri School, Govt. HSS East, St.John’s College, Govt HSS West, St. George Central School, St. John’s Central School, etc. These educational institutions cater the need of high quality standards education and create more productivity to this region.

On the other hand, significant advantage of this particular town of Anchal is the development happening in the name of health & medicine. Many health and Ayurvedic centers cater to the needs of the native and foreign tourists. There are also many number of mulch-specialty hospitals at this town that cater to the medical needs of the local residents. KIMS hospital for mother and child is very popular in Anchal.


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