Places to See in Anchal

Anchal is near Pandalam town, which is very famous as the starting point of Sabarimala pilgrimage trip.This particular town is dotted with many ancient, medieval, and modern Hindu temples. There are also churches and mosques in this region. Some of the famous tourist attraction of Anchal are-

Old Ganapathy temple– One of the oldest and famous Ganapathy temples is located in the heart of Anchal town in Kollam district.In 2009, this temple was given a larger face-lift by rebuilt to a new look by the present temple authorities.The main deity of this temple is Lord Ganesha, which is very rare in Kerala temple culture.

Alamcode Sreekrishna Swamy Temple– The Sreekrishna Swamy temple is located in Alamcode near Anchal town. The main deity of this temple is Lord Sree Krishna. This temple reflects the temple culture of medieval Kerala architecture well blended with Dravidian temple culture.

Panayamcherry Ayappa Temple- The Ayappa temple is located in Panayamcherry village; near Anchal in the district of Kollam in Kerala in South India. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Ayappa.

Agasthiyakodu Mahadevar Temple– The Mahadevar temple is located in a deep village named Agasthiyakodu in the dense forest region nearby Anchal. This temple is believed as one of the most ancient temples in these hill ranges. The native and foreign tourist has to take the guidance of the local public in order to reach this temple in the hill valley.

Maha Ganapathy Temple– The Maha Ganapathy temple is located in the heart of Anchal. It is a popular temple in this region. According to the local legends and Hindu religious scholars, believed by the Hindu devotees that their wishes would be full-filled if they pray strongly with dedication and commitment to Lord Ganapathy.

Kalari Devi Temple– The Devi Temple is located in the village named Kalari near Anchal town in Kollam district in Kerala. This Devi temple is regarded as one of the Shakthi –Peetam according to the ancient Hindu religious text.

Thazhamel Sri Ayiravalli Temple– Thazhamel Sri Ayiravalli Temple is located in Santhi Nagar Residential Association area; in Anchal town in the district of Kollam in Kerala. It is one of the popular and most visited temple of Anchal towns.

Edamulackal Bhoothandha Temple– Bhoothandha temple is located in Edamulackal village near Anchal town, in Kollam district in Kerala. This temple belongs to the medieval period and has many sculptures of those times.


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