Attappady located on north-eastern side of Palakkad District is a small serene town come mountain valley nestled below the Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats.Bhavani River flows here in the Attappady village continues to the Southeast. The Tribal village here is the largest of Kerala. Valley is a blend of forests, rivers and mountains and offers perfect relaxing vacation place to tourists. Its peace and refreshing environment attracts hoards of tourist to this place. The population of the valley is mostly Muduga, Irula and Kurumba tribal people with a small section of settlers from Tamil Nadu and Other Districts of Kerala.

The Malleswaran peak the highest peak in this area 1,664 meters from sea level offers panoramic view of the valley down. The Sivarathri festival is celebrated at the chemmannur Malleswaran temple by the tribal during the month of February/March. The Malleswaran peak is worshiped as a gigantic Shivalinga by the tribal who celebrate the Sivarathri festival there with great fervor.

How to reach Attappady

By TrainPalakkad Railway Station is the nearest from Attappady.

By Road– There are frequent local buses from Anakkatti village in Attappadi to the nearest town of Nelippathy (16 km) and Mannarghat (38 km).Sholayur.

By Airways– Coimbatore International Airport about 50 km .


By- Prasanthpj (Wiki)

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