Places to Visit In Chalakudy

Chalakudy is the most happening town in this district that gained the status of Municipality within a short span. This town is well connected by Railways and National Highway.Chalakudy serves as a base camp for all those native and foreign tourists who are bound for Vazhachal and Athirappilly waterfalls. Some of the famous tourist places to visit in Chalakudy are-

List of Famous Tourists Spots in Chalakudy

Hills and Rivers

  • Chalakudy RiverChalakudy River is one of the main tributary of the Periyar River. The Hindu religious people feel that having a dip in this river is very holy during the auspicious days. There are few ghats with steps leading into the water. The native and foreign tourist can have a look of the majestic river’s flow at Chalakudy.
  • Athirappilly Falls and Vazhachal Falls– The famous waterfalls of Kerala, Athirappilly Falls and Vazhachal Falls are situated near Chalakudy in the Chalakudy River. Athirappilly waterfalls is situated in the village named Athirappilly near Chalakudy. The exact elevation of this region is 80 metres (260 ft).These waterfalls are so wonderful scenic spots to enjoy the beauty of the nature unspoiled and away from the busy towns and cities.
  • Kanakamala – is a small hill top which is known for a chapel which is believed to be built by Apostle St. Thomas. Devotees conduct Annual-procession to the hilltop in memory of that and pay offerings.
  • Trekking camps– Many private travel agencies, NCC and NSS conduct trekking camps at the base hill station of Chalakudy during the non-rainy season in this region.The trekking paths in Chalakudy to high ranges of Western Ghat are wonderful experience. The nature’s beauty and freshness can be experienced by the trekkers. Most of the trekking paths are already explored paths so there are no sudden hurdles or danger from wild animals.

Kannampuzha Temple

It is a Bhagavathy Temple near Chalakudy.

Dream World Water Theme Park

It is a man made water theme park located near Athirappilly Falls and contains various amusement rides. It has a total of 42 rides, out of which 24 are water rides, each having its unique element of fun and adventure. Some of the rides available are Dream Shower, Zoom Ride, Space Bowl, Crazy Cruise, Mat Racer, Amazon River, Dream Splash, etc. The Dry Amusement rides in the park include Striking Car, Go Kart, Sky Train, Flying Colombus, Baby Car, Caterpillar, Dragon Train, and Revolving Barrel.

Athirappilly Falls

By- ranjithshenoyr (Flickr)

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