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AccommodationGreen Mansion, aptly named is a mansion in the lap of nature bounteously blessed with greenery has 12 rooms ranging from 1 bed to 5 beds.From the ‘Green Mansion’, one can savor the spectacular view of the Gavi Lake and the adjoining forests . KFDC at Gavi has developed a unique concept of Swiss cottage by pitching tents under proper shaded roofing.It is a safe haven with more privacy among the woods with facilities of a rented room like a cot, side table, chair and even attached bathroom facility to make your stay kingly.Camping at the jungle is a real life adventure. KDFC has two camping sites where you can pitch your tent. As the night falls gather around a bonfire and warm yourself on the chilly night with some songs or chit chats.

Restaurant – Restaurant located near the Gavi reservoir is only to be used by the day programme or guests who choose a stay over programme with Gavi.The restaurant serves only limited menu and serves all meals for the day

Garden – A beautiful garden is created near the pristine Gavi reservoir artistically decorated with plants and flowers. The gazebo at the garden gives the guest to sit and enjoy the evening. The idyllic surrounding is a refreshing haven to forget all stress in life.

Tree Top-Gavi arranges a romantic tree top setting with the view of the lake.

Guide Services – Local guides approved by KFDC are available who will tour you around the place. Who would know better about the place than the locals. The benefit is that they can even take you to places that might not be listed.

Gavi Wilderness

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