Irinjalalakuda History

History of Irinjalakuda

According to the local legends and scholars, Keralolpatthi established 64 gramas or villages in Kerala and in that, figures nearly 10 village’s head quarter established in Irinjalakuda. The “Chathurvarnia ” system of society; which is largely based up on the” Manusmruthi ” or caste system, was largely followed like other villages of this region. Another important Hindu mythology version is that, sage Parasurama successfully created Irinjalakuda in the ancient period. A lesser-known version regarding the name of the town Irinjalakuda is that it derived its name from a huge Banayan tree that still stands strong in the center of the town. In Malayalam language, “Irunnu Salayil Koodai ” and ” Virinja Alu Kuda ” means two branched Banayan tree that stands like a huge umbrella.

During the 18th century, Sakthan Thampuran, the ruler of Kochi in order to improve the trade and commerce brought four Christian families to the place then known as ” Chanthappura ” and now known as Chandakunnu. It is to note that these families had struck gold in this field then Hindu and Christian population migrated and cause more than earlier human settlement in this region. Later on even the Muslim community from north Malabar .It is to remember that the person who founded the Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics, Madhava regarded as a prominent Kerala mathematician cum astronomer belonged to Sangamagrama, which was medieval town in Kerala, now strongly believed local legends to be the town of Irinjalakuda.


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