Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama

Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama, Kalady, is a monastic institution dedicated to service of God through service to man. It is affiliated to The Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, West Bengal. Swami Agamananda, disciple of Swami Brahmananda, the first President of the Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, founded the ashrama in 1936.

Being a disciple of Swami Brahmananda who was the “spiritual son” of Sri Ramakrishna, and being a highly educated Kerala Brahmin, he possessed the authority to declare that the then existing caste system was not a part of true Hinduism, nor the creation of Sri Sankara. Sri Sankara always strived for the emancipation of people of all classes.

The ashrama runs schools from Nursery to Higher Secondary levels. About 1500 students attend these schools.

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How To Reach Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram

Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram is located in Kalady town in Ernakulam District of Kerala.

By AirCochin International Airport is located about 7 Km form here. Cochin Airport is one of the major Airports in India and Kerala State and is attended by many airlines at regular interval.

By Road– One can Easily reach Ahsram as it is nearby the Airoport. Many bus services are there to Kalady from Ernakulam City.

By TrainAngamaly Railway Station is located about 9 Km from here.

Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama


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  1. P.M.K. NAIR Says:

    Having lived a fruitful life of a Gruhasthashrami, now looking for an abode like that of the Ashram, to lead a life of Vanaprashta, serving spiritual causes and enlightened souls. Though originally from Nair community, took to Brahmanyam and now leading a life of a Dwija, after my Upanayanam. Keen to become a part of the Ashram with intentions as above. Seeking guidance and help.

  2. P.M.K. NAIR Says:

    Am I clear in expressing what I want

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