Things To Do in Kasaragod

Activity in Kasaragod

Kasaragod is known as the Land of Gods, Forts, Rivers, Beautiful hills and lengthy sandy beaches.Kasargod, the land of seven languages and several cultures. The place of harmonious coexistence of Hindu, Muslim, Christian religions. There are many thing you can .

Forts and Museums

  • Bekal Fort-The largest and best preserved fort in the State. The alluring scene of the sea shore and its exhilarating natural scenery and beauty attracts the visitors.Enjoy the sweeping view of Arabian Sea atop the Bekal Fort. And if You are lucky you can see those delightful dolphins doing their grand act of springing out of the waters with a magnificent splash only to take a marvelous dive back into it.

Pilgrimage Places

  • Lake Temple-Ananthapura Lake Temple ,The only lake temple in Kerala
  • Nellikunnu Mosque – Famous for Uroos, this mosque attracts thousands. Very near to Kasargod town.
  • Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka temple

Hill Station and Recreation

  • Trekking the Rainforest– East of Kanhagad is a scenic village of Konnakad, adjacent to a stretch of lovely rainforest that presents excellent options for trekking. And a few km to south , close to Tala Cauvery , is another idyllic spot known as Kottancherry . Covered with lush vegetation and surrounded by undulating hilly terrain , the area is ideal for trekking, border walks and plantation tours.
  • Thurthi is a scenic island on the Chandragiri River. It is privately owned and accessible with the permission of the owners.
  • Padanna Theme Village. -The ultimate theme village where one can have a look of hunting fish, stay ,food etc.
  • Trikkanad.- Ideal place for adventurous swimmers.
  • Kanjan Junga – 16 Km east of Kasargod is an artist village, established by Artist P.S.Pununchithaya, the renowned artist of the west coast.
  • Kottencheri Hills– Beautiful picnic centre and ideal for trekking. Thalakkaveri in the Brahmagiri mountain of Coorg is near this hills.
  • Ranipuram– Lying 780 meters above sea level. In beauty and boundary of nature comparable to Ooty.
  • Kottapuram Bridge– Stroll along the Kottapuram Bridge , which is the longest bridge in Kerala and enjoy the scenic view all around you. A small bridge connects Kottapuram to Achan Thuruthu , an islet across the river housing 35 families amidst the dense green grooves of Palms and Tropical Foilage. One of oldest coir factories in malabar is also located by the backwaters of Kottapuram.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

By- Raj Brijiraj (Flickr)

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