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Teak Museum was established in 1995 on the campus of the center of Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) because of the historical significance of teak to the area.It is world’s first Teak Museum and sub center of Kerala Forest Research Institute. The world’s first teak plantation was planted in Nilambur in the 1840s by the British.The Museum arranged in a two storied building,exhibits articles and details of historic, aesthetic and scientific value. An elephant taming center is also there. From the wooden rest house built by the Britishers, elephants and deers can be viewed.The Teak museum provides extensive information of value historically, artistically and scientifically.The Museum attracts a lot of visitors around the year and recognizing that it was a good opportunity to impart nature awareness education.

Visiting Time:10 am – 5.00 pm (Monday holiday)

The Teak museum is located about 4 km from the town of Nilambur, on the Nilambur-Gudallur route. The museum consists of paintings of some of the oldest teak trees in the region and the entrance door of the museum is also made of teak wood.One of the most important features of the museum is the root system of a mature teak tree which is very popular among the tourists.The extensive root system of a 55-year-old teak tree exhibited in the portico for welcoming the tourists is itself metaphorical of the past, present and future of the museum.The Teak Museum also consists of a library where literature related to teak wood is available. The artifacts include traditional household objects like the granary, swing cot, cloth-chest etc.

Teak Museum Map

How to Reach Teak Museum

Railway Station– Nilambur Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station about 3 km from the Teak Museum

AirportKaripur International Airport is the nearest Airport about 36 km from Malappuram

Bus Terminal – Road accessibility is through Kozhikode district by Areekode-Mukkam Road

Teak Museum Kerala

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