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Pattanam Excavation Site or Pattanam is a village located in Ernakulam District of Kerala about 2 km from North Paravur and 9 km from Kodungallor. Recent archaeological excavations shows that it was occupied by an indigenous population of 1000 BCE and now is an important part of Muziris Heritage Site. Foundings here includes broken pottery shards and ancient fired bricks which shows that it might be that River Periyar used to flow nearby it during thousands of years ago and some of the other things found here are human bones, storage jars, a gold ornament, glass beads, stone beads.

It is now an important part of the Muziris Site in Kerala which is of about first century BC and fourth century AD times. This site have thrown light to some early residents of Kerala and the life , art and architecture of that ancient era. Some Roman amphora shreds, a few terra sigillata shreds, Sassanian, Yemenite and other West Asian potteries also have been found which indicates that during ancient time this region used to have contact with other foriegn peoples or traders from around the world. The bulk of the archaeological remains is buried, unexplored and untouched. The excavated sites have been conserved by filling back with earth.

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