Kottakkal is known as the Land of the Fort in Malayalam. It is a municipal town in Malappuram district in Kerala, southern India having 32 wards. It is located 12 km south-west of Malappuram, the district headquarters, and 12 km from Tirur.Kottakkal was one of the oldest Panchayath in Kerala, and is known for its Ayurvedic Institute, Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal, as well as its temple festival.Kottakkal is famous for its many Ayurveda centers. The rejuvenating and invigorating ancient Ayurvedic therapies in Kerala are an ideal way to simply pamper yourself. Special therapies are also done to help you overcome physical ailments and ensure a perfectly healthy body.This beautiful city is famous for its Ayurvedic Institute, Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal, as well as its temple festival, Kottakkal Puram, celebrated over seven days during March–April months.

This small town, 13 Kms from Malappuram is the home of the famed Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, one of the pioneer institutions of Ayurveda in India. Ayurveda, Indian’s unique science of life and medicine, has a major role in attracting tourists to Kerala. In a large number of cases, Ayurveda is responsible for persuading foreign travelers to visit the State.
Kottakkal, the seat of Ayurvedic treatment is also famous for its temple festival. Kottakkal pooram, celebrated during March-April is attractive for its cultural festivity. During the seven days, famous classical artistes of the country perform here.

Weather and Best time to Visit

In Kottakkal March is warmest with an average temperature of 33.9 °C at noon. January is coldest with an average temperature of 21.9 °C at night. Kottakkal has no distinct temperature seasons, the temperature is relatively constant during the year. The temperatures at night are cooler than during daytime. January is on average the month with more sunshine. The wet season has a rainfall peak around June, the dry season is around the month of February.You can visit Kottakkal from June to September .

Vettaikkaran temple Kottakkal

By- Mutyalarao (Flickr)

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