Kottancheri Hills

Serene and covered with copious beauty Kottancheri Hills is located in the Kasargod district of the Indian state of Kerala.This rain forest is popular among tourists because of the scenic views that it provides. There are not many places to see in Kottancheri, as the town is basically visited for its abundant natural beauty and nearby wildlife. Trekking in Kottancheri has grown and with more equipment readily available, the entire activity has been made much easier.

You can take a trip to the Kottancheri Wildlife Sanctuary during your trip to Kottancheri, as this sanctuary lies near the town and is a tourist hotspot. Wild elephants, wild dogs, deer, wild pigs, rare birds, butterflies can be spotted in forests.

Kottancherri hills are paradise for Trekkers. The town is connected to other regions in the place via road and many options can be taken only with respect to road travel.

Best Time and Weather

Time duration from the months of December to February is the best time to visit. Accommodation is not a problem at all as privately owned hotels and resorts are located at various points, as one goes upto Kottancheri.

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