Shopping in Kuttanad

Kuttanad Shopping

Kuttanad has much to offer for a tourist; its vast backwaters, fresh water lakes (known as ‘kayal’); thousands of houseboats (known as kettuvallam); moving along the slow flowing rivers that merge with the still waters of lakes; pristine country life that exists in the lakeshores that enables a tourist to view a world that is quite different from the rest of India. You can buy toys, jewellery, handicrafts, nuts, spices, various kind of oils and many coir products here.

Markets in Kuttanad

Enjoy shopping in at the floating mall at Kuttana. After the floating cafes and restaurants, a mall that floats is the latest addition to the speckled life along the backwaters. A huge hit among the tourists and a handy shop at their doorsteps for the local community where they can replenish their daily ration, this shopping mall run by the state government agency of consumer fed has become a huge hit. The mall is set up on a boat that floats in the backwaters of the low-lying Kuttanadu.

The boat is well stocked with almost all the items that you may need in your daily life. From grains to perfumes to health drinks and shampoos, this mall also takes orders for home appliances and gadgets like TV and refrigerator, which will be supplied at a later date at subsidized rates. Provisions like rice, wheat and sugar are sold at 10-15% below the market rates. It caters to more than 100,000 people in 12 panchayats of Alappuzha and it docks at 53 villages along the backwaters, which are accessible only by boats. The arrival timings are announced beforehand so that the villagers do not miss the boat

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