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Activity in Kuttanad

Kuttanad is known as "Rice Bowl of Kerala" , where vast stretches of verdant paddy fields are interlaced with enchanting backwaters create some of the unforgettable sights.The area is also rich in avian population, and one can easily find flocks of parrots hovering in the paddy fields, especially those fields with rice stalks in bloom. You may also come across a black blanket sweeping across the sky, which on close look will reveal as yet another flock of birds. And this time it is the darter birds, which haunt the backwaters in and around Kuttanad and the adjoining Vembanad Lake.

As you explore the villages, don’t forget to take a walk by the numerous canals that crisscross Kuttanad, which are lined by tall coconut trees swaying in the breeze. During most part of the day, these canal stretches would be abuzz with different activities. There will be vendors on boat selling vegetables, grocery and fish to households on the banks of these canals. You would also come across big country boats called Kettu Vallams on which goods like coconut husk, rice grains etc.are transported to nearby markets in bulk.Among the sights on the backwaters here at Kuttanad, the most fascinating obviously is that of the ducks, quacking together in high decibels and moving across the backwaters in large numbers; shepherded by men on small boats. One can also catch men plying on the backwater; some diving down to collect lime shells from the depths and others fishing with their nets and traditional cane basket called Ottal.

You may also find Kuttanad, a bit more exciting, if you hire a boat. You can hire motorboats, houseboats etc. from the boat jetty operated by the government as well as private groups near the KSRTC Bus Station at Alappuzha or else may get on one from places like Kidangara, which is on the Alappuzha-Changanasserry road. Some of the places worth visiting in the Kuttanad area are Nedumudy,Kaavalam,Champakkulam etc.

Vast expanse of backwaters, big lakes, interconnecting channels; slow flowing rivers; all bordered with lines of coconut trees etc are just some the unique features of Kuttanad.

Kuttanad Backwaters – The extensive emerald green paddy fields and numerous workers engaged in field works; toddy tappers who routinely climb over the tree to tap fresh juice (the sap from which toddy is made); locals assembled in small tea-shops on river banks around newspaper, toddy shops that sport big letter boards (called kallu-shap); some ‘shap clients’moving in inebriated style; people taking bath at the riverside etc are quite interesting views one can savour from the boat.Culinary delights are as alluring as the sights outside the boat; toddy is the favorite drink that works well with karimeen (pearl spot fish) both as curry or fried and tapioca (mashed or plain boiled) are the master dishes Kuttanad.

Duck Farming at Kuttanad

By- rejik (Flickr)

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