Literally a land atop of hills, Malappuram is well known for its extensively forested land which shelters the world ‘s oldest teak plantation and bamboo woods. Ponani in Malappuram is said to be the Mecca of Kerala, while Thirunavaya on the banks of River bharathapuha is a famous centre for Hindu- Vedic learning.

Malappuram is a beautiful hill town in the district with same name and is the most privileged summer resort. This town was a Headquarter during the British monarchs in colonial days. Opulent with unique species of flora and fauna, the river Kadalundi Puzha flows amidst the high mountains and unspoiled valleys, giving a pleasant feeling. The rising and falling terrain of Malappuram is housed with government offices & commercial establishments and main market respectively. The undulated topography offers a breathtaking vision of craggy rocks, adding to the picturesque scenery the town captivates many tourists with its scenic beauty.This hilly terrain is also known for being a religiously harmonious town with centers for Hindu – Vedic & Islamic learning as well.

Cocooned in the state of Kerala, Malappuram poses breathtakingly scenery along the riverside walk park with the combination of valleys, streams and bubbling brooks making it an irresistible place. Malappuram Jama Mosque is one of the oldest in state and a must see attraction.Kottakkunnu also known as marine drive houses an open air theatre, an art gallery and a water theme park.

Malappuram Weather and Best Time to Visit

The hilly terrain of Malappuram experiences a moderate climate throughout the year. But the best time to visit is from September to March. Monsoons are lovely with pouring rainfall. Winters are cool and temperature comes down below ten degree during this period.

Thriprangodu temple

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