Thirunavaya is village located in Malappuram District of Kerala India. The village is located on the bank of River Bharatha and is famous for Tirunavaya Temple dedicated to Nava Mukundan Vishnu. The village has a rich history and is known for its cultural events. Thirunavaya is very famous for auyurvedic treatments because of Chegampally Ayurveda treatments.

Mamankam the historic festival and trade fair was held here in Thirunavaya Temple , the festival used to be celebrated for 28 days with great pomp. The last Mamankam, was held as late as 1755 .

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Thirunavaya Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and other dieties like Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha. The deity is called “Nava Mukundan” as it is believed that the idol was the ninth one to be installed in the shrine by a group of Hindu saints known as “Navayogis”. The first eight idols disappeared as soon as they were placed there and the ninth sank to its knees before it was forcibly stopped.

The image of Nava Mukundan is portrayed only from above the knee, the rest of the image being concealed within the ground.

Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple

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