Malappuram History

History of Malappuram

According to the History , Before the Formation of the Malappuram district was called as Eranad ,Valluvanad etc.The word Malappuram means “terraced place atop the hills”, derived from the general geographical characteristics of the district headquarter as well as the district.From the time immemorial the port of Ponnani was a center of trade with the Romans and numerous powerful dynasties controlled the area After the Cheras . In the 9th Century , the region came to hands of the Kulasekharas of Mahodayapuram . After the disintegration of the Kulasekhara kingdom a number of Nair city states emerged called Valluvanad, Vettathunad, Parappanad , Nediyiruppu and more. In 13th Century, The Samoothiri of Calicut expanded their territories to the whole of Malabar . In 15th Century , The European colonial powers landed in malabar and Chaneg the Course in Malappuram district . In 18th century, the de facto rulers of Mysore kingdom , Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan , marched to Samoothiris districts. In the early 20th century , Malappuram district has seen participation in movements such as Khilafat Movement and Moplah Rebellion .

Before Indian independence in 1947 , Malappuram was a part of Malabar District in the Madras Presidency of British India .After Indian Independence Malabar District remained part of Madras state for some time . On 1 November 1956, Malabar District was merged with Travancore-Cochin to form the state of Kerala . Large-scale changes in the territorial jurisdiction of this tract took place in 1957 and 1969 . On 1 January 1957, Tirur taluk was newly formed, taking portions of Eranad taluk and Ponnani taluks. Another portion of Ponnani taluk was transferred to the newly formed Chavakkad taluk. The residuary portion constitutes present-day Ponnani taluk. Perinthalmanna Taluk was a new taluk formed out of the erstwhile Perinthalmanna Taluk . Of these, Eranad Taluk and Tirur continued under Kozhikode District and Perinthalmanna Taluk as well as Ponnani taluk under the Palakkad District . The new district of Malappuram was formed with four taluks, Eranad Taluk ,Perinthalmanna Taluk , Tirur Taluk and Ponnani Taluk , four statutory towns, fourteen developmental blocks and 95 panchayats . Two more, namely Tirurangadi taluk and Nilambur taluk , were formed later by bifurcating Tirur Taluk and Eranad taluk.

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