Saint Thomas Church Malyattoor

Malyattoor is a village located in Ernakulam District of Kerala. Saint Thomas Church located in Malyattoor is one of the famous and important pilgrimage of Christians in India. It has a historic importance and attracts lots of devotees and tourist from around the world. It is believed that St Thomas one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus held prayer at this church when he landed in Kerala. The church is located at the hilltop of Kurishumudi (Hill of the holy cross) where St thomas stayed and prayed for long time. The church is located about 15 km from Kalady. This church is designated by the Vatican as an International Shrine. Lots of devotees from all aorund the world come to this holy church to offer prayer.

Saint Thomas Church History

St Thoamas one of the Apostles of Lord Jesus is believed to land in Kerala in AD 52 at Kodungallur. It is said that when he was travelling from Malyattoor due to natives of this place he flew to the hilltop Kurishumudi mountain and spent days in the abode of God. St. Thomas prayed to the Lord and he made a sign of the cross on the rock. He left foot print on one of the rocks. According to beliefs, during prayer, he touched a rock, upon which blood poured from it. It is also believed that St. Thomas used to make the Sign of the Cross on the rock and golden cross appeared at that particular spot.

Malayatoor Perunal‘ is a annual festival of this church which is celebrated in the months of March–April.

There is a water spring also at the hill top where it is believed that St Thomas quenched his thirst when he arrived at the mountain. Feeling thirsty he struck the rock from which fresh water started flowing. Devotees believes that water possess divine power to heal ailments.

How To Reach Saint Thomas Church

By AirCochin International Airport is located about 15 km from here.

By TrainAngamaly railway station is the nearest railway station located about 17km from here.

By Road– As it is a prominent church of Kerala it can easily reached by all cities of Kerala.

Malayattoor Church

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