Ponmudi History

History of Ponmudi

The ancient land of Ponmudi was founded by the legendary mythological figure Rishi Parashuram. It has been blessed with emerald backwaters and gold and silver beaches is Kerala- God’s own country.With the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on its east, Kerala is a treasure trove of indigenous cultural practices and art forms that have mesmerized people all over the world. Be it the age old Kathakali or the newly rediscovered Mohiniattyam or the knowledge of Ayurveda. This city is bathed in the generosity of the sun and rain the climate of Kerala supports lush vegetation including the famous spices and a wide array of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the country. This miraculously unspoiled serene wilderness is all nature lovers’ paradise and rapidly gaining momentum as a popular tourist hub in and around the country. Though shadowed by the fabled beauty of the beaches and backwaters, the hill stations in Kerala on the Western Ghats are the repository of a different kind of wealth displayed in oblivion and irrespective of human interest.

Hidden amidst the exotic spices on the misty slopes of the Western Ghats is Ponmudi alias tranquility lost in a quiet slumber on the lap of nature.Rolling at an altitude of 610 m, Ponmudi (meaning the Golden Peak in Malayalam) is the least haunted by tourists and therefore the most peaceful of all Kerala hill stations. Embellished with rapids flowing over the road, and misty peaks thronged by an exotic vegetation, Ponmudi is a hiker’s and a trekker’s paradise. At a distance of 61 km (1 ½ hrs drive) from Thiruvanthapuram, Ponmudi offers to soothe your work worn mind and body to rejuvenate. Hike through the slopes of tea gardens to watch the pickers at work or fish in the emerald waters of the Kallar River to make the most of Ponmudi.

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