Nemom Railway Station

Nemom Railway Station is situated in Trivandrum District of Kerala India. It was established on 1979 and acts as a satellite station for trains connecting the city to southern parts of the state.

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Nemom Railway Station Train Time Tables/ Schedule

Train No Train Name Arr Dep Ends
56311 Thiruvananthapuram Nagercoil Passenger 07:09 07:11 Nagercoil JN
56310 Nagercoil Thiruvananthapuram Passenger 08:19 08:21 Trivandrum Cntl
56318 Nagercoil Kochuveli Passenger 09:19 09:21 Kochuveli, Kerala
56317 Kochuveli Nagercoil Passenger 11:09 11:11 Nagercoil JN
56304 Nagercoil Kottayam Passenger 13:59 14:01 Kotayyam, Kerala
56315 Thiruvananthapuram Nagercoil Passenger 17:24 17:26 Nagercoil JN
56313 Thiruvananthapuram Nagercoil Passenger 18:09 18:11 Nagercoil JN
56316 Nagercoil Thiruvananthapuram Passenger 19:46 19:47 Trivandrum Cntl

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