Thrissur Railway Station

Thrissur Railway Station is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala India. Thrissur Railway Station is the busiest railway station of Kerala.It lies on the busy Shoranur – Cochin Harbour section.Thrissur Railway Station also connects to the temple town of Guruvayur by Thrissur-Guruvayur Section.The station has five counters for non reservation tickets in the east side, two ticket counters in west side and ten automatic ticket vending machines (ATVM) in east also. There is a railway police station also in the station.

Station Code-TCR
Owner and Operator– Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways

Thrissur Railway Station on Google Map

Thrissur Railway Station Trains Time Table/ Schedule

Train No Train Name Ends
6381/6382 Jayanthi Janatha Express Kanyakumari
6525/6526 Island Express Kanyakumari
6317/6318 Himsagar Express Kanyakumari
2997/2998 Happa Superfast Express Tirunelveli
6606/6605 Ernad Express Nagercoil
2659/2660 Gurudev Express Nagercoil
6335/6336 Nagercoil Express Nagercoil
2217/2218 Kerala Sampark Kranti Express Kochuveli
6316/6315 Bangalore Express Kochuveli
2483/2484 Amritsar Express Kochuveli
6311/6312 Kochuveli Express Kochuveli
2257/2258 Yeswantpur Express “>Kochuveli
2201/2202 Kochuveli Garib Rath Kochuveli
2777/2778 Kochuveli Express Kochuveli
2287/2288 Dehradun Express Kochuveli
6302/6301 Venad Express Trivandrum
2076/2075 Jan Shatabdi Express Trivandrum
6322/6321 Bangalore Express Trivandrum
6323/6324 Shalimar Express Trivandrum
6326/6325 Ahilyanagari Express Trivandrum
6327/6328 Trivandrum Express Trivandrum
6333/6334 Trivandrum Express Trivandrum
6343/6344 Amritha Express Trivandrum
2515/2516 Guwahati Superfast Express Trivandrum
7229/7230 Sabari Express Trivandrum
2512/2511 Raptisagar Express Trivandrum
6346/6345 Netravathi Express Trivandrum
6332/6331 Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Express Trivandrum
2625/2626 Kerala Express Trivandrum
2643/2644 Nizamuddin Express Trivandrum
2431/2432 Rajdhani Express Express Trivandrum
6629/6630 Malabar Express Trivandrum
6604/6603 Maveli Express Trivandrum
6649/6650 Parasuram Express Trivandrum
6347/6348 Mangalore Express Trivandrum
2623/2624 Trivandrum Superfast Mail Trivandrum
2697/2698 Trivandrum Weekly Superfast Express Trivandrum
2695/2696 Trivandrum Superfast Express Trivandrum
6042/6041 Alleppey Express Alleppey
3352/3351 Tata Express Alleppey
6307/6308 Kannur Express Alleppey
2283/2284 Duronto Express Ernakulam
2224/2223 Duronto Express Ernakulam
6866/6865 Tea Garden Express Ernakulam
6305/6306 Intercity Express Ernakulam
12678/12677 Intercity Express Ernakulam
2617/2618 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Ernakulam
0216/0215 Madagon Express Ernakulam
6307/6308 Executive Express Ernakulam
6309/6310 Patna Express Ernakulam
2507/2508 Guwahati Express Ernakulam
12683/12684 Bangalore Superfast Express Ernakulam
6337/6338 Okha Express Ernakulam
2645/2646 Millenium Express Ernakulam
2522/2521 Raptisagar Express Ernakulam
1098/1097 Poorna Express Ernakulam
2519/2520 Pune Express Ernakulam
2977/2978 Marusagar Express Ernakulam
2519/2520 Ernakulam-Pune superfast Express Ernakulam
6128/6127 Guruvayur Express Guruvayur
6341/6342 Intercity Express Guruvayur
22607/22608 Bangalore Superfast Express Ernakulam
15905/15906 Vivek Express >Kanyakumari
22619/22620 Bilaspur Superfast Express Tirunelveli

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