Shopping In Kerala

Kerala is already known for its heavenly natural beauty but it is also a great place when it comes to shopping. There are numerous things which you can buy from Kerala .Kerala handicrafts have created a separate place for itself in the global market. All the shopping places of Kerala are vibrant and lively. Kerala spices, sandalwood and rosewood carvings, metal wares, Kathakali masks, Nettoor jewelry boxes and Kottyam silks must be included in the list of your souvenirs. Specialties The artisans and craftsmen in Kerala are expert in making the rarest of crafts from various metals and natural products like coconut shells, leaves, wood etc. Furniture and other decorative items of wood are mainly made of rose wood, sandal wood, teak wood and bamboo. You can easily find heavy idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Saraswathi, Lord Natraj, Goddess Lakshmi etc. in Kerala that are designed from a variety of wood. Wood is also used in making beautiful flower vases, ash trays, ornamental plates, jewel boxes, miniature boats, elephant idols, Kathakali masks, etc.

You can find such articles and products at the beach-side shops or in the market area. If money isn’t the bar and you want authentic quality, it is suggested to buy these items from the state Government agencies for the development of handicrafts industry, like – Handicrafts Co-operative Apex Society, Artisans Development Corporation, Bamboo Corporation and Handicrafts Development Corporation.Production of Coir is a major industry in Kerala and the coir is drawn out from the husk of the coconut. A wide range of coir wares such as Doormats, Floor Mattings and Rugs, Flowered Mourzouks, crush-proof pile carpets are available in bulk and do not miss them in your shopping bag.

The Wood carving styles of Kerala are displayed by the Temples and Palaces of Kerala. There are exclusive prominent woodcarvings are carved out of sandalwood, rosewood, cedar wood and teak. You can also find huge figures reflecting elegant style and posture are skillfully carved of wood. Don’t miss out the Kerala Aramula metal mirror which is a typical Kerala handicraft and is a great hit with the tourists. The mirror is made from the alloy of copper and tin and shines like a mirror due to its polished surface. Like these there are many items which are not to forget while shopping in Kerala are spices and textiles which will leave you mesmerized.

Famous Shopping Items of Kerala

  • Textiles
  • Horn Carving
  • Metalware
  • Coconut Shell Craft
  • Kathakali Masks
  • Woodcarving
  • Coir Products
  • Metal Inlaid Wood Craft
  • Bamboo Mat Paintings
  • Spices

Some of the major shopping places in Kerala are Cochin , Kovalam, Munnar, Varkala, Alleppey.

Shopping In Kerala

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