Thekkady History

History of Thekkady

It is situated in Kerala -Tamil Nadu border town named Kumily, Thekkady is a picturesque tourist destination where the trumpet of the elephant and the sensuous Western Ghats create one of the most fascinating experiences for any nature lover. However,the history of Thekkady does not have any such treasure except for the fact that the region is dominated by several tribes. The history of Periyar and Thekkady dates back to 1341 when there was a big flood in Kodungallur resulting in the closure of the Kodungaloor port. The new port at Kochi opened. The huge landslide caused due to the floods resulted in an island, which is the present-day Vyppin Islands.In 1895, a part of the green expanse, the forest area was made into a dam to protect the catchments area of the River Periyar. Thus the Periyar Lake was formed. In 1925, the Kudi Arasu the Tamil Weekly was published which projected the Self Respect movement was published. In 1934, the Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve was established in Thekkady. With an area of 777sq km, this is one of the most magnificent wild life reserves of India. In 1925, the Self Respect Movement was formed and the weekly Kudiyarusu was started. Periyar slowly grew as a city. In 1956, the sanctuary came into existence.Thekkady has the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which was turned into a tiger reserve in 1978. Thekkady is a mixture of the wild life around.

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