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Thekkady is considered a heaven for natural spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and clove. It is a location i Periyar National Park in Idukki District of Kerala. Thekkady is an important tourist spot of Kerala. Sprawling lush greeenery, wildlife, rivers, lakes and hill station makes this place must visit place in State. There is lot of things to do in the town that it offers. Trekking, Jungle Safari, Boating, Elephant Rides and many more activitie to do in this small beautiful town of Kerala.

Jungle Safari-Thekkady, better known as Tiger Reserve has a rich diversity of vertebrates. The diverse forest types, vayals, marshes, and a large aquatic habitat together support 62 species of mammals, 320 species of birds, 45 species of reptiles, 27 species of amphibians, and 38 species of fish. Though sighting tiger is difficult because of the thick vegetation, evidences like pugmarks, clawings, and scats are located throughout the reserve.

Vandanmedu– Vandanmedu is one of the world’s largest cardamom auction centers. An excursion through the wide spread cardamom plantations at Vandanmedu is an intoxicating experience.

Walking – There is plenty of Nature all around the Thekkady. You can easily walk to 4-5 km long and enjoying the opportunity to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife. The trails often pass through evergreen and moist deciduous forests interspersed with marshy grasslands. you can contact with the nature walk organizers.

Periyar Tiger Trail-The programme is unique in being conducted by a team of poachers who turned protectors of the forests. The team members are hardy and dependable with an intimate knowledge of the forest terrain. The programmes are 1 night/2 days and 2 nights/3 days.Visitors should be serious nature lovers willing to sacrifice some of the luxuries and comforts of a hotel. Its a excellent opportunity for all adventure lovers here.

Bamboo Rafting– Bamboo rafting facilities are also available here in National Park .The rafting is for about three hours and one gets a panoramic view of forest-clad hills reflected on the lake. Animals like elephant, gaur and sambar are sighted keeping close to the edges of the lake.The team hitchhikes back to the boat landing by about 5PM. An armed guard and 4 guides will accompany a maximum of 10 tourists.

Boating– Boating facilities are available in Periyar Lake.Generally is cost around cost INR 150 per person for 2 hours.

Elephant Rides– Elephant rides are available here in the Thekkady National Park. There are many organizers here.

Plantation Tours– You can find various plantation areas here in this region as this place is regarded as the heaven of spices. Thekkady and Kumily located about 5 km from here have numerous breathtaking plantation.

Trekking– The endless rolling hills and mountains surrounding Thekkady offer very good opportunities of trekking to the adventure enthusiasts. The jungles and hills inside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary are amongst the popular trekking trails in this region. Trekkers must obtain prior permission from the wildlife authorities and they are accompanied by a guide that will lead them safely through the Reservoir woods.

Boating in Periyar Lake

By - Soubhagya S Behera (Flickr)

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