Local Transportation in Kerala

Kerala Local Transport (Moving Around Kerala)

There is no problem in finding local transport in Kerala or to commute to various cities and travel destinations. You will the most affordable and readily available means of transportation in Kerala round the clock. One can easily hire a vehicle or take a public and shared transport to go around.

By Road

The roads in Kerala are well built and traffic is not as maddening as it is in other bigger cities of India. In Kerala, local transport can be availed to go to nearby towns and villages also. Read on further to have a general idea about the local transport in Kerala.

  • Buses: The bus service in Kerala is pretty good and they not only connect the cities and towns of Kerala but also towns and cities of neighboring states. These buses have been classified into 4 categories: Ordinary, Fast Passenger, Super Fast, and Deluxe Express. Most of these buses are crowded and travelers are advised to be alert of pickpockets. These buses are maintained by Kerala Transport Department Corporation (KTDC). Apart from that, private owners also have buses that cater to the need of tourists.
  • Taxis/Cabs: Although tourist taxis are expensive but they are a great way to cover short distances. Cars like Ambassadors and Indica are widely used by tour operators and taxis car rentals. The facility of renting a car with or without chauffeur for intra or intercity drive is also available in some important cities and towns of Kerala. One can find taxis and cabs all over Kerala. You can either hire a taxi by contacting a reliable travel agent or you can ask the hotel you are staying in to arrange a cab for you.
  • Auto Rickshaws: Auto rickshaws are available all over Kerala without any problem. Known as "autos" locally, these vehicles are very helpful in going from one place to another. They usually charge by the meter, else you can fix a rate before climbing in the auto. A bit of bargaining is allowed. If you feel that the drivers are overcharging you, simply ask them to start the meter at the start of your journey to avoid any hassles at the time of fare payment.

Trains: Kerala have a decent network of intercity passenger trains that connect many important cities and towns of Kerala. Express trains, which are faster than intercity passenger trains, are also available but only stop at major stations. The total length covered by the railways is around 1050 kilometers.

Flights: Kerala has three major airports namely, Trivandrum Airport, Cochin Airport and Calicut airport. The first two airports also cater to International flights, while the third one is a domestic airport. These three airports are located in strategic locations around the state so that they ca be reached easily. Helicopter and air taxis also operate between Kochi and Trivandrum but prove to be an expensive option. More Information: Kerala Airports : Flights to Kerala

Boats and Ships (Ports): Kerala is blessed with a long coastline, boats and ships have been used a means of local transport. Many people uses boats to move from place to place on the coast as well as the backwaters. There are some intermediate ports and minor ports in Kerala, offering inland water transport system in Kollam, Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Ernakulam districts. More Information: Water Transport in Kerala

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