Shopping in Varkala

Varkala Shopping

There are no shopping malls in Varkala but you can look forward to buying traditional handicrafts and artifacts here. Other popular items like coconut shell items, horn carved products, tea, coffee and aromatic spices are available here. With lively entertainment and the excitement of bazaars and small shops, Varkala shopping couldn’t be more fun and exciting . There is no shortage of souvenirs to buy both unique and the not so unique items in Varkala.

List of Markets in Varkala

Beach Bazaars : The traditional handicrafts and coir or carved horns of Kerala are available in abundance in these bazaars. The beach bazaars are definitely the place to find shopping adventures and delightful entertainment. It get even vibrant and colorful in the evenings.

Seaside Cliffs : Seaside Cliffs not only provide food and drink but little shops as well. The visitor can find unique Indian crafts, clothing and much more in these little shops that are located among the restaurants and bars along the cliffs.

Khadi Store : Khadi Store is jewel of a store that has clothing, hair oils, cooking oils, food, leather goods and honey

Tibetan Shops : The visitor can find traditional jewelry and ornaments as well as local attire . In these little shops one can find great items from Rajasthan and Kashmir.

Things to Buy in Varkala

In Varkala , Shopping at Varkala must also include traditional handicrafts , artifacts and utility items made of coir that is also easily available in the shops . Packets of aromatic spices, tea or coffee in the city markets, can also be included to finish off your shopping list in Varkala. Creative coconut shell items and Typical beach products, locally made of shells and oysters can also be decent buys here.

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