Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam in Kerala is another form of those celebrated Theyyam festivals held in Kerala. Kerala is state full of colors and vibrancy. Among many festivals of zeal Theyyam is one of them which is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. The sparkle and radiance associated with the festival of Theyyam can be witnessed here.

Theyyam is one of the oldest and colorful ritual art forms of Kerala. This is inspired and informed by the ancient tribal arts that triumphed here, Theyyam makes use of the basics of music, dance and mime. Theyyam is a festival of fun, dedications and requires lots of skills in the performances. The participants who take part in the festival polish their skills for the whole year to give their best performances.Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam, Kerala the gorgeous temple festival in Kerala can be the most memorable experience in a one’s life who have visited Kerala. Every year people come from different parts of the world to witness the sacred festival of Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam.

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam Celebration

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam celebrates primarily the Mother Goddess. Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam festival at Kanatho is instrumental in highlighting the worship of Goddess and that with her associates. It incorporates dance, mime and music, and enshrines the rudiments of ancient tribal cultures, which attached great importance to the worship of heroes and ancestral spirits. There are different forms of Theyyam, each invariably representing superhuman powers that include heroic characters and family spirits.

A variety of Theyyams are presented in Kanathoor. From Elayor Theyyam, Chamunda Theyyam, Panchoorla Theyyam, Muthor Theyyam. Theyyam is one of the most beautiful dance forms of Kerala. One of the fascinating rituals practiced for ages it is also called Thirayattom which is observed in Kavus or village temples. There are around 400 Theyyams in northern Kerala. The dance or invocation is generally performed in front of the village Shrine. It is also performed in the houses as ancestor-worship with elaborate rites and rituals.

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