Manarcad Perunnal

Manarcad Perunnal is the occasion celebrating the annual feast at the St. Mary’s Church at Manarcad of Kerala state. This festival is generally held September among the Christian community of Kerala every year. Manarcad Perunnal is also known as Ettunombu Perunnal which exactly means eight day prayer and fasting. The annual feast at the St Mary’s Church at Manarcad in Kottayam is an eight-day event called ‘ettunombu perunnal’. This is the feast of Immaculate Conception celebrated by the Christian community of Kerala. The Christian people of Kerala hold themselves in prayer and fasting during this fiesta.

Thousands of devotees visit the church during the feast days to offer prayer and observe fasting.The haven and fast begin on the month of September.One can also view processions with the sacred golden cross are taken out on the last three days of the feast. Devotees, come in large groups holding muthukkuda or decorated parasols, and participate in the feast processions.The Kottayam district of Kerala gets vibrant during this time of the year, as you will find thousands of devotees come and get-together together at the premises of St. Mary Church.There’s a sacred tank and golden cross at the church that is considered religious among the devotees.These things are specially taken care the whole year but especially at the time of this festival because visitors come to see these sacred things.

People from all over India come in abundance and people from outside the country also come and gather at this church for fasting and offering their prayers. People stay at the church from the morning till night throughout the eight days of this festival. Devotees offer orange silken parasols that are known as Muthukkuda during this festival. The last three days of the celebration is carried out with great enthusiasm. There are processions on the streets. Thousands of devotees are seen carrying golden crosses and muthukkuda or colorfully decorated umbrellas. These three days are considered more auspicious and people visit in large numbers.

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