Kasaragod District

Kasargod is the northernmost district of Kerala State of India. It was named after the Kasaragod town located in district. The district is known for its coir and hand loom industries. The district has a coastline of around 293 kilometers and that why the livelihood of Kasargod people mainly depends on fisheries.The Ghats dominate the topography. The district is popular with the forts, rivers, hillocks, beaches and shrines. The district is marked off from the adjoining areas outside the State by the Western Ghats which run parallel to the sea and constitute an almost continuous mountain wall on the eastern side. Various languages are spoken in the district Tulu, Kannada, Malayalam, Konkani, Tamil and other local languages are the popular.

Kasaragod Distirct Map

Kasaragod District Facts

Headquarter Kasaragod
Population 12,03,342
Area 1992 Sq.Kms.
Literacy 85.17%
Sex Ratio 1047 Female per 1000Male
Official Language Malayalama, English
Official Website http://kasargod.nic.in
Density 604 per Sq Km
Taluks Kasargod, Hosdurg

Brief History of Kasaragod

Arabs called Kasaragod as Harkwilla. Kasaragod was an important tradin center of Kerala. Kasargod was part of the Kumbala Kingdom in which there were 64 Tulu and Malayalam villages.During the decline of that empire in the 14 century, the administration of this area was vested with the Ikkeri Naikans. They continued to be the rulers till the fall of the Vijayanagar empire in 16th century. Then Vengappa Naik declared independence to Ikkeri. In 1763 Hyder Ali of Mysore conquered Bednoor. After that Hyder Ali son Tipu Sulthan continued the attack and conquered Malabar.Kasargod was part of Bekal taluk in the South Canara district of Bombay presidency. Kasargod taluk came into being when Bekal taluk was included in the Madras presidency on April 16, 1882.K.P.Keshva Menon made many efforts which resulted to Kasargod became part of Kerala following the reorganization of states and formation of Kerala in November 1,1956.

Kasaragod Geography and Climate

Kasaragod is marked by Western Ghats which run parallel to the sea and constitute an almost continuous mountain wall on the eastern side.The coastline is fringed with low cliffs alternating with stretches of sand.The landscape is dominated by the characteristic coconut palms accompanying rolling hills and streams flowing into the sea.

Climate here in Kasaragod District is warm, humid and tropical.The average maximum temperature is 31.2 degree celsius and minimum is 23.6 degree celsius. March to may are hot season while December and January are the coolest months here.

List of Places to visit in Kasaragod

Kasaragod the northernmost district of Kerala offers various tourist spots including historical, pilgrimage and other famous places. Some of the famous tourist spots are-

Transportation in Kasaragod

Road– NH17 passes through this district and passes through its towns Trikaripur, Cheruvathur, Nileshwar, Kanhangad, Kasargod, Kumbla, Uppla, Manjeshwar and enters Karnataka state at Thalappadi to Managlore. State highways connect it to other cities of Kerala .

Railways– Along with coastline of the district railway lines passes , Kasaragod Railway Station is the major station in the Shoranur – Mangalore Section of the Southern Railways. Some other railway station in the district are Trikaripur, Cheruvathur, Nileshwar, Kanhangad, Kasargod, Kumbla, Uppla and Manjeshwar. Almost all trains coming to southern India halts here.

Airways– Kasaragod has no airport in the district. Mangalore International Airport is located about 70 km from the Kasaragod town. Calicut International airport is about 200 km from the City.

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