Radio Channels

In Kerala , The Radio Channel is a Source of Media and play vital role in communication . Radio broadcasting is a one-way Wireless Transmission over Radio waves intended to reach a wide Audience . Radio Alakal, the first Community radio started narrow casting from Trivandrum on 1 May 2006 in Kerala . Now a Days , Kerala has a host of private FM channels that are fast gaining influence among kerala population. Radio Channel cab be divide into Three parts – Private FM Station inside Kerala , Private AM/FM Station outside Kerala and Public Sector Radio Channels . Kerala’s First private FM station, Radio Mango 91.9 was launched on 29th Nov 2007 in Calicut, sparking off the FM revolution in the state.Broadcasting by radio takes several forms These include AM and FM stations.

Some of the Most Famous & Popular Radio Station in Kerala are –

  • 94.3 Club FM
  • All India Radio
  • GyanVani
  • Radio Mango 91.9
  • Radio Media Village 90.8

94.3 Club FM:

All India Radio:


Radio Mango 91.9:

Radio Media Village 90.8: