Adoor is a small town located in the Pathanamthitta District, 77 km away from the Kerala capital city – Thiruvananthapuram. The town is famous because of its culture, festivals and historical temples. The top most attraction of the town is the Parthasarathy Temple. According to mythological facts, Partha was nickname of Arjun – one of the Pandavas. And as per Mahabharata, Lord Krishna played a role of the charioteer for Arjun in Kurukshetra war. After that, Lord Krishna was renowned by the name ‘Parthasarathy’ around the world.This temple is one of the oldest in the state and devotees flock here all around the year.

Another reason to visit this beautiful land is Gajamela festival. This festival is hosted by temple and nine elephants are decorated with accessories. Gajamela festival longs for 10-days and procession takes place on the last day from the Parthasarathy temple and ends at the Chennapatti temple.You must come to visit this time especially if you are an elephant lover. Many temples are located in different parts of Adoor being popular a few like Sreedharma Sastha Temple and the Trichenda Mangalam Mahadeva Temple.

Not just temple, but this little town also hosts a few churches like Chandanapally Valiyapally Church and St. Mary’s Orthodox Church.A number of schools and colleges are also located within town’s premises. For shopping, tourists can head to the local Moolam market being one of the oldest in state.

Adoor Weather and Best Time to Visit

The town of Adoor experiences a moderate climate all around the year still summer season is best to avoid. The summer season is quite warmer nearby the place and doesn’t make it suitable for picnic spot. October to April is the best time to visit in and around the town as the temperature keeps low and experiences rainfall in this period of time due to the North East monsoon.

Sreenarayanapuram Temple

By-Sandeep Sukumar(Wiki)

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