Things To Do in Adoor

Activities in Adoor

Adoor is a famous for temples and pilgrimage places , tourist can visit these places or take a walk in the city for shopping or dining in restaurants here and enjoy the cuisines of Kerala. Tourist can go for places like

Tourist who want to have a relaxing time with Drinks can go for KTDC Beer Parlor Adoor,Indraprastha Bar.

Legendary bull race held in Kerala in the month of August to coincide with the Onam festival. The race track is about 100 plus metres of a field filled with water for days and at the finishing point an embankment of about 5 feet. The bulls are supposed to turn left and do a 360 degrees but that would happen only about 50 percent of the times.

Cattle Bull Race

By- Sreeram Nambiar (Flickr)

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