Places to See in Aluva

The great Periyar River flows in Aluva for which the town is famous for. Aluva is famous for temples , festivals and its large river banks. Aluva has also a rich historical value as it was the place where Travancore Kingdom was based. Some of the famous tourist attraction of the Aluva are-

List of Tourist places to See in Aluva

Palaces and Forts

  • Aluva Palace– Aluva palace used to be the summer palace of Travancore Royal family. Located amidst of Periyar river it offers a great view of the majestic river . The palace is built in English-Travancore style. It is one of the most important and largest historical place in Kerala.

Pilgrimages and Religious Sites

  • The Thiruvairanikkulam Mahadeva temple– The Thiruvairanikkulam Mahadeva temple is located in Sreemoolanagaram in Aluva. It is regarded as one of the holiest pilgrimage spot in Kerala. It is the only temple in the world that has this type of rare statue of gods.
  • Uliyannur– A fantastic cultural and traditional spot in Aluva is Uliyannur. The Uliyannur Temple located in this place is known for its grand festival and power. There is an age old bridge built by the British from this place and it ends at Paravur Junction.The bridge is very tall and narrow too.
  • Sivarathri manappuram-The Manappuram is located on the left bank of the River Periyar in the heart of the town. It is a long stretch of sand bank with plains spread across this particular area. It is just 16km from Ernakulam town. During Shivratri Sivarathri, more than lakhs of devotees and tourists gather to perform and witness the Hindu rituals and prayers.
  • Parish Church– The popular Parish Church is located in Kaprassery. The major festival of this church is known as Little Flower Parish fiesta. The Parish fiesta days brings lakhs of devotees and tourist to this particular spot. The tourists get an opportunity to witness Parish architecture through this unique church in Kaprassery.


Kaprassery is a rural and prominent village located in Aluva in the district of Ernakulam. There is a Lord Krishna temple in Kapraseery. The tourist can witness the architecture of the medieval period from this particular temple. There is also an old pond located near the temple.

Alwaye Advaita Ashram

The Aluva Advaita Ashram in Aluva was founded by Sree Narayana Guru in 1913. He established this ashram in order to propagate the Advaita philosophy to the mass.

Periyar River

The native and foreign tourists can enjoy the majestic flow of the Periyar River in Aluva from the ghats or steps leading to the river located in various places. The local and foreign tourist can enjoy the picturesque scene of dotted coconut tress on both the banks of the River like an ornamental jewel.

Lord Siva Temple-Aluva

By- Abraham Puthoor (Flickr)

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