Places to See in Kasaragod

Kasaragod city manages to maintain a long list of visitors because of its eternal serene ambiance caressing in plush greenery, soothing waterways, and picturesque vistas of the engulfing Western Ghats and the enchanting Arabian Sea. There are many famous tourist spots to visit. Some of them are-

Sree Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple- The city of Kasaragod is blessed with the beautiful and holy Sree Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple. This temple celebrates a grand and colorful five-day annual festival at Madhur in Kasaragod.

Bekal Fort– It is one of the biggest and well-maintained fort in Kerala which was constructed by Shivappa Nayak who was a local Chieftain in the 16th century.The Fort is situated atop a hill, offering a spectacular and panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside.

Thapotsavam It is an annual one-day festival, celebrated on the fifth day post’Vishu’ in the Malayalam month of Medam (April) on the Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kumbala, Kasaragod. In this festival the statue of the main god is taken out in a ceremonial procession.The famous art ‘Yakshaganam’ is performed here on the night of the festival.

Kappil BeachIt is another famous beach of the region. Its calm, remote, and isolated location brings the tourists of Kasaragod here. It is a popular tourist destination with every passing day as it offers an unmatched ambiance of vast beaches and serene waters.

Kanwatheertha Beach – It is a beautiful and Beach which is situated at a short distance of about 3 km from Manjeshwaram. It is a wide and long beach,comprising of many beautiful swimming pool-like structures formed naturally in the sea.

Malik Dinar Mosque is a historical mosque in Kasargod district of Kerala state. It is the site of one of the mosques believed to have been founded by Malik Ibn Dinar. The mosque,Juma Masjid, which is one of the best kept and most attractive in the district,is located at Thalangara.

Chandragiri Fort and River– Located about 4 km from Bekal it is a among the chain of forts built by Sivappa naik of bedanore, the Chandragiri fort offers the breathtaking view of the convergence of the river an Arabian Sea, the sandbanks separating the two, and is a vantage point to watch the sunset.

Edneer Mutt– The Mutt of Edneer renowned as a seat of art and learning belongs to the Sankracharya tradition. it is located about 10 km from Kasaragod Town.

Pandiyan Kallu– A rock rising above sea about 2 km from Trikkannad Temple, pandiyan kallu is an ideal spot for adventurous swimmers. Legend says that the ship of one of the Pandya King who attacked Trikkannad temple was transformed into rock and hence named as Pandiya Kallu.

Nileshwaram– The cultural center of the district, this was once the seat of the Nileshwar Rajas. The Nileswaram Palace today functions as the Folklore Centre of the Dept. of Archaeology.

Kottappuram– It is located about 5 km from Nileshwaram a great place for leisure activities like boating , the longest walking bridge in Kerala and one of the oldest coir factories in malabar are situated by the backwaters of Kottapuram.

Sunset at Bekal Fort

By- daarkfire (Flickr)

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