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Palakkad is also known as the he Gateway of Kerala also known by its anglicized name Palghat. It is one of the most picturesque districts, thanks to its distinctive palmyra trees and extensive green paddy fields. The area has a rich folk culture and folk art forms like Kanniyar Kali and Porattu Natakam. It is also home to well-known percussion artists. Some of the greatest maestros of Carnatic music also hailed from the district. The tourist attractions of Palakkad are diverse as chalk and cheese. From wildlife sanctuaries like silent valley parks, Attapady hills and Parambikulam to some of the most beautiful dams like malampuzha, mangalam, pothundi and siruvani, it will indeed be a lifetime experience for you.

Well known as the “Vrindavan of Kerala”, Malampuzha is nothing short of a scenic paradise. You can enjoy a boat ride in the reservoir or spend some time in the sprawling garden, which has an amusement park and telescopic tower among others.

While you are in the city of Palakkad, you are only around 50 km away from the hill resort of Nelliyampathy which is well known for its luscious oranges and wildlife trails among many other reasons. When you go for a drive along the hair pen bends, it will certainly be a visual delight as it offers some of the best snap shot moments for you in the form of lush green orchards, paddy fields, rolling valleys and tumbling waterfalls. The pleasant climate and the breathtaking natural finery do attract many tourists from far and wide; however, Nelliyampathy still remains one of the lesser known hill stations that make it comparatively quiet and tranquil. It is certainly a popular trekking spot and its hill ranges that are at a height of 467 meters to 1572 meters are well cut for para gliding and other adventure sports as well.

  • Wildlife- Silent Valley National Park, which is spread over an area of 90 sq. km . It is the only remaining evergreen forest in the Western Ghats and is home to many endangered animals like the lion tailed macaques.
  • Attappady-You can also visit the tribal hamlet of Attappady, nestled deep inside the forests. You can have some well cherished moments of a rue tribal experience in Attapadi where the inhabitants live the way their ancestors did a hundred years ago!
  • Palakkad Excursions-This being a scenic place has got many places to see. These places can be seen as a part of excursions from Palakkad. Most of these places are a good visual treat and it is always a nice change to see places around the countryside to get the rustic feel of a particular destination.
  • TrekkingDhoni Hills: It is a three-hour trek from Palakkad will take you to the base of the Dhoni hills where you can visit a small reserve area that has a beautiful waterfall. Nelliyampathy: It is a chain of mountain ranges that have steep valleys in between them. The range flourish in extensive vegetation and also have plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom.

Nelliyampathy Hill Station

By- Ashwin Kumar ( Flickr)

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