Places To See in Peermade

Kuttikanam – A place for adventure tourism and trekking , or even languorous , tranquil break. This picturesque plantation town washed in the fragrance of cardamom is surrounded by lush green hills.

Thrissanku Hills – Located 4 km from Peermade are the rolling hills, the lovely landscape and gentle breeze make this an ideal spot fro long walks. The hills offer a breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset .

Summer Palace – This huge palace , where the Maharajas of Travancore used to spend their summers , is set amidst lush greenery.

Panchalimedu – This largely unexplored area is said to have been the camping of the pandavas . The pond Panchalikulam is said to have been used by Panchali , the wife of the Pandavas .

Peeru Hills – Peeru hills are located about 4 km from here . This idyllic hill station is a favorite haunt of trekkers and picnickers . The hills are named after prophet Peer Mohammed , the sufi saint , who spent his last days here. The mausoleum of the saint , the summer palace of the royal family and the residence of the Diwan situated nearby are all Worth a visit.

Grampi – About 5 km from here . Grampi is known as Parunthupara (eagle rock) because of the panoramic view from its high peaks . Rocky plains , lush hillsides , forests , trekking trails and picturesque views lend charm to this destination , The road to Grampi is flanked by unending stretches of cardamom , tea and coffee plantations.

Amritha Medu – Amritha Medu offers bird’s-eye-view of the entire Peermade region and is famous as an ideal trekking spot . On the day of Good Friday , a large number of people gather here in memory of Christ’s Crucification.

Madammakkulam– A natural pond under a gushing waterfall, encircled by deepwoods , this was a favorite spot of British planters in the colonial times . The and has been named as Madam pond after British lady who used to frequent this spot

Pattumala – Located about 17 km east of Peermade . Lofty peaks , little streams and ever expanding tea plantations are the attraction of this place. Pattulamala literally means hill draped in silk, is home to two famous tea plantations -Harrisons Malayalam and AV Thomas & Co . The Velankanni Church ,built entirely of granite , at the top of the hill is a famous pilgrim center , The nearby flower garden with roses, orchids and anthuria is a fascinating riot of colors

Koottickal – Mundakayam -Excellent stopovers , these adjacent places are blessed with the bounty of nature , But Mundakayam’s claim to fame is that the first commercial production of rubber started here in 1904.

Sahyadri Ayurvedic Centre– A well established Ayurvedic Hospital , Shayadri , managed by the Peermedu Development Society is Pallikunnu , is known for its curative and rejuvenating revetment packages . The centre has well appointed treatment and accommodation facilities, a unit of manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines as well as a well maintained raw drugs museum where more than 200 varieties of rare and endangered herbs are preserved

Vagamon – located about 25 km from here it is a a curious blend of religious mysticism and European legacies, this hillside village is haven of tranquility . Grass covered hills, velvet lawns and the cool ,mountain air make Vagamon a perfect holiday retreat .


By - Anoop Joy (Flickr)

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