Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is famous Hindu Temple Dedicated to Lord Krishna , it is located in Ambalappuzha a small town is Alappuzha District of Kerala India. It is one of the most famous temple dedicated to Lord Krihsna in Kerala. It is believed to be built in AD 790 by the local ruler Chembakasserry Pooradam Thirunal-Devanarayanan Thampuran. Temple has a connection with Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple , When raids were performed by Tipu Sultan the Idol od Sree Krishna Temple in Guruvayur was brought here in Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple .Temple is also famous for its prasadam i.e Payasam which is sweet pudding made by rice and milk.

Arratu Festival is the main festival that is celebrated in the temple which commences with the flag hoisting ceremony on the Atham star in Meenam (March–April).

Historical Background

Sree Krishna once appeared in front of the King of the region in the form of saint and asked king for the game of Chess and in return winner will be granted his wishes. On this Sree Krishna asked if he would win he just wanted a few grains of rice. The amount of rice itself shall be determined using the chess-board in the following manner. One grain of rice shall be placed in the first square, two grains in the second square, four in the third square, eight in the fourth square and so on. Every square will have double the number of grains of its predecessor. The game started as the grain amount was small and Lord Krishna won the game of chess.

Now King time was to pay the prize to the saint As he started adding grains of rice to the chess board, the king soon realized the true nature of the sage’s demands. By the 20th square, the number had reached one million grains of rice and by the 40th square, it became one million million. The amount of grain that saint demanded was too big if the king asks help from neighbor kingdom too it would not be enough to pay the prize as number of grains was increasing as a geometric progression . On this sage showed him his true form and asked him not to pay the prize at once he can pay it slowly by offering payasam to the devotees of temple free of cost every day until the debt was paid off.

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How to Reach Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple is located in State Highway 12 in Ambalappuzha Alleppey Dsitrict in Kerala India. Alleppey is well connected via other town of the with roads and backwaters.

By AirCochin International Airport is located about 99 Km away from here while Trivandrum Airport is about 137 Km away.

By Train– Alleppey Station and Changanassery Station(31 Km) are the nearest from Champakulam. Kayamkulam Junction Railway Station is about 36 KM from here and

By Road– State Highway 12 runs through Ambalappuzha . Alleppey is well connected to Ambalappuzha . As a famous pilgrimage spot in Kerala many buses runs from various cities of the state to Alleppey and near temple.

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