Ochira Temple

Ochira Temple also called as Oachira Parabrahma Temple is the significant place of worship in Kerala. It is situated 32 km north of Kollam District in Kerala.The Ochira pilgrim center is also known as the name of Dakshina Kashi. The most unique feature of Ochira pilgrimage is that there is no idol or deity that is worshiped here.The ochira temple is dedicated to workship the lord parabrahaman and it covers an area of 32 acres.In ochira temple the deities are placed under a huge banyan tree because there is no sanctorum built in Ochira temple.The town is centered around the famous Parabrahma temple and the Parabrahma temple dedicated to workship of universal consciousness. Large crowds irrespective of caste, creed, religion, tradition or nationality, gather at this temple to experience the new concept of achieving satisfaction in the divine cosmic power.


There are many Story and beliefs how this place get name Ochira. some human being believed that the place name came from the word Omkarachira Some believed that the name is originated from the name Oymanchira. According to mythology the name come from strong believed the name derived from Uvachanchira as Uvachan means Lord Siva.Param Brahmam is the mythical God of Ochira temple and obviously the name of the place is interpreted by the spiritual people based on the extreme power.The interpretation : ‘Om’ is the representation of Parambrahmam the god of all gods. The word ‘Chira’ means piece of land. These two words combined together ‘Om Chira’ meant the ‘land of Param brahmam’. Om chira became Ochira during the course of time. The Truth cause of this name is that there was a large reservoir at the center of the large ground called Padanilam.This chira was used by the soldiers in olden days for bathing and for supplying water to the horses used in the war exercises.chira might have been known in olden days as Onattuchira, as the place belonged to the Kayamkulam Raja who was also called the Odanattu Raja or simply Onattu Rajah.hence it is believed that the word Onattuchira was gradually accepted as the place name and as time passed by further, that word was corrupted into Oachira

Festival and Architecture

Panthrandu vilakku and ochira kali are the two major annual festivals celebrated in Ochira Temple. According to Malayalam Calender the ochira kali Festival is come on the first two days of Midhunam and According to English Calender ochira kali Festival is conducted in the middle of June. Panthrandu vilakku or twelve lamp festival is held in the months of November and December.The Devotees attraction towards the ochira kali Festival is padanilam fight & which means battle field.Ochira Kali is a mock fight enacted between groups of men dressed as warriors on the padanilam .They perform a martial dance standing in knee-deep water, brandishing swords and shields and splashing water in every direction. Its aim is to check the physical potentials and dexterity of the participants. Erupethettam onam is celebrated every year in ochia on the 28th day of the Onam festival with procession generally known as “Kaala kettu”. Normally the day come in the month of September or October.The Oachira Temple is unique in the sense that it does not have covered structures for temples. The temple Architecture style is Kerala Architecture style of layout.There is no sanctorum in the temple.
Timing :At Morning: 4.00am to 8.00am and At Evening: 5.00pm to 8.30pm.

How to Reach:

By Train: Kollam Railway Station is an important rail head of the southern railways.

By Airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the nearest Airport located 71km from Kollam.

By Bus: Kayamkulam Bus station is 5 km north of ochira and Karunagappally Bus Station is 10 km south of ochira.The ferry station is adjacent to the central bus station that is 3kms from Kollam the railway station.

Oachira Temple

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