Vatanappally or Vadanappally is a village located in Thrissur District of Kerala . It is a coastal village located about 20 Km from Thrissur town. There is a beach located about 3 km from the village. The coast is lined with beautiful patches of coral reef rimmed by lush green coconut palms.

The beach is Ideal for swimming, surfing and sun bathing. Cochin International Airport is located about 60 Km from here.

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  1. Chandran Manalur Says:

    I like Vatanappally, a small town of Trichur. In 1976, I used to go to Vatanappaly to learn the Typewriting & Shorthand in National Commerce Institute (Now National Studio) in the early morning by walk from Manalur House for 2 years. There was hardly some grocery shops, 1 timber depot, old Jawahar Talkies, Bank of Cochin Ltd branch, some studios, some jwellery shops, etc. were there in Junction. Then Chilanka theatre came. I used to go film in any of this theatres afternoon oncein a week depending the films.
    Now Vatanappally has become a town and there is no landmarks of old junction. But, Triprayar has become more familiar than Vatanappally. One thing is that Vatanappally has good business done than Triprayar.

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