Places to See in Adoor

Adoor located near Pandalam in Kerala have various temples and churches. Adoor is a great religious place where tourist can fond numerous sites for religious interest. Here is the list of the famous tourist places in Adoor city –

List of Tourist Places in Adoor Kerala

Pilgrimages and Religious Sites

  • Parthasarathy Temple: Sri Parthasarathy Temple is centrally located near the KSRTC bus station at Adoor, Pathanamthitta District,South Kerala.The temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna.The main festival celebrated is the Ashtamirohini, the birthday of Sri Krishna.
  • Trichenamangalam Mahadevar Temple : It is located 10 kilometers away at small village Peringanad.The Trichenda Mangalam Mahadeva Temple. is Situated around 5 km from Adoor, this site is renowned for housing the ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple: It is prominent among all the Sastha temples, is located 5 kilometers away at Chenampalil in Sabarimala of the Pathanamthitta District. The temple is a symbol of secularism and communal harmony and is visited by devotees of various religions.
  • Ezhamkulam Devi Temple: It is Situated 5 km from Adoor Town in State of Kerala. The Garudan Thookkom held as part of the Kumbha Bharani festival at the Ezhamkulam Bhagavathy temple, near Adoor, Pathanamthitta,Kerala,India.
  • Ammummakavu Devi Temple : It is located 5 km from Adoor Town in Parakode North – Chiranickal. Ammummakavu is the Propitiating Mother Goddess
  • Kodumon Palliyara Devi Temple: It is located 8 km from Adoor Town and junction in Kerala state of south India. The water of the Chilanthikinar (Well) on the premises of this temple is believed to cure skin diseases.
  • Indilayappan Temple: It is located 3 kilometer from Adoor in Parakode. This temple is famous for one of the different “Bhava” related to “Lord Ayyapa Swami”.
  • Peedikayil Devi Temple :The temple is situated at Pannivizha, 2 km from Adoor towards Pathanamthitta .It is one of the famous Hindu temple in adoor. Main Prathistha Sree Badrakali. Upaprathistas Sree Ganapathy, Sree Vishnu, Sree Madanthampuran, Yakshiamma, Nagaraja, Mudippura.

Markets and Famous Streets

  • Parakode Market: It is located 2km from Adoor town on K. P. Road. The Parakoda market is well known and most famous market in Adoor town in Kerala state.


  • St Marys orthodox church: It is located Located 15 km from Adoor.St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Cathedral is popularly known as the Thumpamon Valiyapally is an ancient church.The church served as an ancestral place of worship for the Nazarene Christians, who were settlers in the region 1,600 years ago.

Ezhamkulam Devi Temple


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