Bekal Fort

‘Bekal Fort’, is the largest fort located in Kasargod, Kerala, India, spreading over 40 acres. Sivappa Nayaka of Bednore constructed the Bekal Fort in 1650AD. The Fort looks to have been built up from the sea since almost three fourths of its external area is soaked and the waves repeatedly hit the fort.

Bekal is famous for its beach and fort. Bekal fort is one of the best preserved forts in the country. Its splendor has made it a favorite among many filmmakers in India. During the Perumal Age Bekal was a part of Mahodayapuram. The Kodavalam inscription of Bhasakara Ravi II who was the King of Mahodayapuram show the certain political sway of Mahodayapuram over this region. The maritime importance of Bekal increased much under the Kolathiris and it became an important port town of Tulunadu and Malabar.

The place Kasargod itself is a popular tourist destination of Kerala. It is well-known for its rivers, forts, hills and beautiful sea-beaches. The contrasted beauty of natural fineries on one side and historical monuments on the other makes it a fascinating destination. This place is bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west which blessed it with a number of scenic places. An unending stretch of coconut palms, rising and falling green hills and crystal clear rivers increase the scenic charm of this place.

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The wind entrance and the channels around the fort show the protection strategy inherent in the fort. Many tourists crowd at this place in the evenings to see the sun set in the Arabian Sea and wonder at the might of the fort, standing tall. Many Indian films have been shot in this beautiful location.This is the largest and best preserved Bekal fort in Kerala perched atop a hill. It is renowned for its superb and hearty structure made up of laterite. This fort offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. Infinite number of tourists comes here to discover and experience the lost glory of the past dynasties who ruled this fort for centuries.

How to reach Bekal Fort

By Air: You can reach the city By Air where the nearest airport from Kasaragod is at Mangalore, which is about 50 km away while the Kochi Airport is 420 km south.

By Rail: You can reach the city by rail as the city has a railway station, which is linked to several important towns in the state as well as other parts of the country.

By Road: You can reach the city by road as the city is well connected to other towns of the state as well as India by Motorable roads. Buses, operated by private as well as state operators are available in different cities and towns.

Bekal Fort

By- Renjithks (Flickr)

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  1. vivek Says:

    Beauty lies around this fort . Bekal fort offers mesmerizing view of Arabian Sea . Nice place to hang out and roam around the beach. Visiting Kerala was a memorable experience for us .

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