Madiyan Koolom Temple

The Madiyan Kooloom Temple is an architectural splendor situated just 5 kilometers from Kanhagad . Kanhagad is the head-quarter of Hosdurg Taluk, a region in Madiyan. The principle deity of the Madiyan Kooloom Temple at Madiyan is Bhadrakali. While the Festival which is named after the temple is a renowned festival is usually celebrated in May which is the month of Edavam, Pattulsavam is held in December-January according to the Malayalam Calendar.

In this temple the Goddess who is worshipped is known as Kalarithi. There are also lots of other deities are also found here. They include God Kshetra Palan, Bhairavan and Bhagavathy. A Brahmin priest performs the Puja at noon in the Madiyan Kooloom Temple at Madiyan. While in the morning and at the evening the Puja is generally performed by the people of the Manyani sect. This is a special feature of the Madiyan Kooloom Temple at Madiyan. Theyyam forms a part and parcel of the Kalasam and the Pattulsavam Festival at Madiyan Kooloom Temple at Madiyan. It is a vibrant ritual dance and is one of the oldest of its kind in Kerala. It also helps people to witness some of the exquisite traditional dances, mimes and music.

Festivals Celebrated

The Kalasam Festival which is the most significant festival of the temple involves the worshiping of the Varalakshmi Goddess. A bronze or a silver Kalasam or a pot is filled with water, rice, lime and few coins. Five specific types of leaves including Betel leaves and Betel Nuts are also placed inside the Kalasam. The Kalasam Festival at the Madiyan Kooloom Temple consists of smearing the pot with sandalwood paste and covering it with new cloth up to the neck, and then worshiping it.

A coconut placed on the top of the Kalasam represents the divine Mother Goddess. It is coated with turmeric paste and mango leaves are placed around it. The shrine of the Varalakshmi Goddess is worshiped with sincerity and dedication during this time. People throng at the Madiyan Kooloom Temple at this time and pay homage to the Goddess.

Another famous festival at the Madiyan Kooloom Temple at Madiyan is Puttulsavam. This occasion in the Dhanu Month also involves certain cultural programs. Along with religious rites at the Madiyan Kooloom Temple at Madiyan, display is an integral part of the festival. This temple at Madiyan attract thousands of devotees on these festivals every year.

How to Reach Madiyan Kooloom Temple

By Train Kasaragod Railway station is the nearest railway station to temple. Form railway station on can reach here via Kanhagad.

By Airways– Mangalore Airport is the Nearest airport located about 80 Km from here.

By Road– By road the temple can reached easily as Kasaragod District is the gateway to Kerala State and there are many bus services operated here by KSRTC and other private operators. Kasaragod is well connected vai roads to nearby states and cities of Kerala .

Madiyan Kooloom Temple


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    Serene environment, beautiful architecture and a visit to this shrine is ever memorable experience.

    The ancient art works on one of the gateways is a marvel.

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