Shopping in Munnar

Munnar Shopping

Shopping in Munnar is an interesting expedition.Different varieties of spices, homemade chocolates and different varieties of tea is sell in Munnar . Munnar is famous for its tea and spices plantations. The well known handicraft shops in Munnar are Johnson`s Wood Craft workshop, Kunjithanni, and Deeja Gift House, Misha Jn Munnar. The majority of bazaars are owned by the private owners but the presence of Government Shops can also be felt in the market. Munnar best buys are all its local products. In Munnar you can also buy luscious strawberries and locally produces spices but nearly all other so-called souvenir items, such as coir or metal ware, are from another part of Kerala.

List of Shopping Markets in Munnar

Abbas & Co. Tea Merchants :Abbas & Co is wholesaler but also sells to visitors . Sells the really good price for tea, green tea, coffee, cashew – nuts, home made chocolates, spices, aloe vera gel etc

Fresh tea from a factory outlet : Several varieties of tea fresh from factory is Available here .

Things to Buy in Munnar

Herbs Aromatic Oils– Although not as famous as tea, coffee and spices, the aromatic oils sold in Munnar are a must buy. One of the best oils in the aromatic oils category is the eucalyptus oil, which is easily available all across Munnar.

Dyed Traditional Kerala Clothes – Kerala is a culturally rich state of India and the dress of the state is quite famous and appealing. Aranya Naturals is a natural dyeing unit that forms a part of Srishti Welfare Centre – a Tata initiative in Munnar. The idea behind its formation took birth in 1994, when the need was realised to save the rich Indian craft of dyeing clothes naturally.Fashion aficionados can purchase saris, shirt materials, stoles, shawls and various other apparel at this centre. Designed using ethnic dyeing techniques and vibrant colours, these clothes never fail to impress onlookers. Heritage crafts like Batik, Tie and Dye, Shibori, Mordant Painting and Block Printing are used to create meticulous designs on the fabric. Raw materials used for the colouring include catechu, lac, manjista, turmeric, eucalyptus and other natural ingredients.
Must Buy– Kerala Cotton and Silk Sarees

In Munnar , Best things to buy are tea, coffee, spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and pepper and definitely home made chocolates. you can buy local handicrafts and other knick-knacks that are easily available in the roadside shacks .

Munnar Shopping

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