Palakkad Excursions

Pothundy– It is located about 45 km from the city. It is reservoir built across Ayalur river in 1968 . The reservoir is adjacent to Nelliyampathy Hill’s which makes it a beautiful picnic spot for tourists to spend a day and relax while enjoying the soothing and peaceful environment.

LakkidiLakkidi is the birth place of Kunchan Nambiar, the 18th century satirist and exponent of the Tullal (classical art form). He was the poet and and his house has been preserved as a monument by the State Government.It is located about 30 km from the Palakkad city.

Meenkara– It is a famous picnic spot , the dam is built across the river Gayathri. Meenkara is located about 32 km from the city.

Ottappalam– Ottappalam is located about 34 km from Palakkad situated on the bank of river Bharathapuzha. It is famous for the festivals and place of worship. It is the birth place of some of the famous personalities of India. It is has a rich cultural heritage and has played host to many historic events.

Thrithala– Thrithala is known for its monuments and historic ruins and hence hold historic significance. It is located about 75 km from Palakkad city. The Siva Temple and the ruins of a mud fort are notable cultural monuments.There is also Kattilmadam Temple which consist of granite Buddhist monument.

Nelliyampathy-Nelliyampathy is a hill station located about 54km from the city. It offers a beautiful a scenic view of the mountain pass, waterfalls, dense forests. It is located on the high ranges of western ghats and offers splendid and breathtaking view of the Sholayar Pass. It is an ideal place for trekking .

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary– The wildlife sanctuary is located about 47 km from Palakkad between Anamalai hills and Nellliyampathy. Elephants, gaurs, chitals, sambhars, deer, Nilgiri langurs, wild dogs, leopards can be easily spotted here. Great place for nature lovers.

Silent Valley National Park– Silent valley National Park is located about 65 km from the city. Permission to explore the park is given and overnight stay is not permitted here.

Kollengode– Kollengode also known as the granary of Kerala is located about 19 km from Palakkad city. It is famous for Vishnu temple and the Kollengode Palace.

Pothundi Reservoir

By- Hari Menon ( Flickr)

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