Jainimedu Jain Temple

Jainimedu Jain Temple is a famous Jain temple located in Palakkad town of Kerala State in India. Jain temple was built around 500 years ago , this temple 32 feet long, 20 feet wide granite temple displays images of the Jain Thirthankaras and Yakshinis. It is at a Jain house here that poet Kumaranasan wrote his monumental poet Veenapoovu (The fallen flower).

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Inchanna Satur on of the Jain head built it long ago back . An idol of Chandranthan occupies the first division of the temple, Vijayalakshmi and Jwalamohini the scond, Rish abha Nathan the third, and parswa Nathan and Padmavathi the fourth. The temple opens from 7:00Am- 10:30 Am and 5:00 Pm- 7 Pm.

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