Karimpuzha National Park

Karimpuzha National Park is a proposed National Park located at in the Nilgiri Hills, Palakkad district and Nilgiris district, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Along with Mukhurti National Park and Karimpuzha National Park, Silent Valley National Park forms the core of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This park is explored in 1847 by Robert Wight, the park remains one of the last uninterrupted territories of south Western Ghats montane rainforests and tropical moist evergreen forests in the country. Silent Valley National Park was nominated as a World Heritage site in 1990 but the decision regarding its inclusion in the World Heritage List was deferred by the committee pending the Indian Government’s revision of the nominated area’s boundary to include the adjacent Karimpuzha Valley National Park and the Nilgiri Thar Wildlife Sanctuary, and the completion of legal measures to establish the Mannarkkadu Valley National Park and upgrade the legal status of the Nilgiri Thar wildlife Sanctuary.

The national park is a home of over 1600 species of flora comprising mainly of evergreen and montane grasslands and over 858 species of fauna that includes 34 species of animals and about 500 species of butterflies and moths. It is also an excellent location for birdwatchers as the park is home to over 292 species of birds that include Nilgiri wood pigeon, blue winged parakeet, grey headed bulbul, white bellied blue flycatcher, broad tailed grass wabler, Nilgiri pipit, etc. The state is taking care to make these national parks as great place to view animals and natural beauties and other botanical species.
The lion tailed macaque is the most popular attraction in Silent Valley National Park. Nilgiri langur, mouse deer, gaur, fishing cat, stripe necked mongoose, panther, etc. are some of the other exotic wildlife species found in the park.

Tourists who are snake lovers, if they are lucky, can be treated to the sight of cobra, King cobra, viper, rat snake and many other species of the slithery reptiles.In 1991 the UNESCO World Heritage Committee strongly encouraged the Indian authorities to re-formulate the boundaries of Silent Valley National Park to take in a larger area, particularly the adjacent Mannarkkadu Valley National Park and the Nilgiri Thar Wildlife Sanctuary and complete the legal processes to establish the proposed Mannarkkadu Valley National Park and upgrade the status of the Nilgiri Thar Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Reach Karimpuzha National Park

By Air– The nearest airport to the city is Coimbatore Airport which is about 62 km from Palakkad city. Other international airport nearby the city are Cochin International airport about 111km and Calicut International Airport about 103km from the city.

By TrainPalakkad have two railway stations Palakkad Junction and Palakkad Town railway station . The city is well connected by all the major cities of India like Hyderabad, Kozhikode, Mangalore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata.

By Road– Palakkad is well connected through State Highways to nearby districts and towns in Kerala. National Highways NH 47 and NH 217 pass through Palakkad. Palakkad can easily reached by cities like Kochi, Kozhikode, Mangalore, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore,Salem.

Karimpuzha National Park

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