Maruthorvattom Sree Dhanvanthri Temple

Maruthorvattom Sree Dhanvanthri Temple is a temple located in Cherthala Thaluk of Alappuzha District of Kerala India. Temple is dedicated to Lord Dhanvanthri regarded as Master-God of Ayurveda and incarnation of Lord Vishnu . Lord Dhanvanthri is worshipped by Ayurveda Practitioner since he is regarded as the supreme in Ayurveda . It is most famous such temples in Kerala . Vellodu Moos was a famous Ayurveda practitioner and belonged to the group of great eight ayurvedic doctors known as ‘Astha Vaidyas‘ had the main role in constructing this temple.

Temple have copper roof encompassing a square ‘Garbha Griha’ where the main deity is installed. Temple faces west and has a spacious inner lawn which is granite tiled.On the northern side of the temple pond and the road, is situated the associate temple dedicated to Sree Bhadra Devi.

An 8 day festival is celebrated here starting with flag hoisting and ending with ‘Arattu’ which is held on Thiruvonam day annually. Kathakali is given as much importance as here. Other programs worth mentioning are temple arts such as Ottam Thullal, Pathakam, Koothu, Koodiyaattam, and other programs like Kadha Prasangam, musical concerts and classical forms of dance.

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How To Reach Maruthorvattom Sree Dhanvanthri Temple

The nearest bus stop from Kuttikattu Sree Bhadra Kali Devi Temple is on NH-47 is KVM hospital, Cherthala. The temple is at a walkable distance from the bus stop, just 1 Km east.

By AirCochin International Airport is about 65 Km from here.

By TrainErnakulam Junction one of the major station of Kerala is located about 40 Km from here.

Maruthorvattom Sree Dhanvanthri Temple

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