Putheyakavill Devi Temple

Putheyakavill Devi Temple is a Hindu temple located in Nariyampara, Kattappana zilla of Idukki district, Kerala state in India. It is located near the tourist spots Munnar and Thekkady.Other towns and cities nearby are Kottayam, Nedumkandam, Idukki, ,Thodupuzha,Kanjirappally, Palai, Kumily, and Kothamangalam. The temple is residing in the high-range high altitude region of Kerala. It is a family temple of Kalloorath family.Putheyakavil Devi Temple is dedicated to workship the goddess of Durga after that the temple dedicated other workship of goddess bhadrakali.Putheyakavu Devi temple is a result of divine grace of goddess of moothedathu Devi temple on kalloorathu family.Putheyakavil Devi Temple is one of the prominent temple for Hindu Pilgrimage center attract tourist towards itself .


Putheyakavil Devi Temple is a family temple of Kalloorath family. This temple is co-related to Moothedathu Devi Temple in Vaikom. There is an interesting story behind this co-relation.The Grandfather of Gowri Kuttapan eldest member of Kalloorath family was a unswerving believer of Moothedathu Devi.He was also the velichappadu of Moothedathu Devi Temple. The next generation of Kalloorath family did not take the position of velichappadu .However Gowri Kuttapan transmitted his sword after the death of Grandfather’s. Gowri was settled at Kattappana after her marriage with Kuttapan. During this period Gowri Kuttapan used to light a lamp to reverence the Sword. They coped disease and poverty problems.after that Late Kuttapan conducted a astrological verification.In Devaprasanam the presence of Devi was visualized and she needed shelter outside the house. hence Late Kuttapan had wish to built a better temple for Devi in the early 20th century.In the year 1989 the Kalloorath family headed by K.K. Thankapan was built a new temple. The temple was poorly constructed and the family sponsored a replacement which was incomplete as of 2011. Since Family members also involved public in temple administration. So they selected 51 members from the neighbourhood as the governing body.

Festival and Architecture

There are many festival is conducted in the temple. But Kumbha bharani Mahotsavam is famous festival celebrated in Putheyakavil Devi Temple.It is held in the month of February and march.during the time of festival whole temple is decorated with lights ,candles and flowers. A huge amount of crowd is gather around the temple , for pray,offering and workship of goddess Devi. Navaratri pooja ,Vijaya Dashami Pooja and Vidyarambham occasion is also celebrated with lots of happiness.It was concluded that two equal temple are required along with sub gods , ganapathi, nagaraja,yakshi,rakkshas,moola pithru,parama shiva and navagraha .sri kanipaiyaoor krishnan namboothirai famous architect built the Putheyakavil Devi Temple .The construction of the new ancient model temple is under progress.There are special pooja and offering is held in Putheyakavil Devi Temple such as Kalamezhuthum Pattum, Vijaydashami Puja, Chuttu vilakku, Navakabhishekam, Sreebali .There are three temple is constructed in Putheyakavil Devi Temple such as Devi temple ,Shiva temple and Thaliyyil temple.The aim of temple is to attract the devotees towards temple pooja, offering.
Timing of Darshan: At Morning: 4.30am to 8.00am and At Evening: 5.00pm to 8.30pm

How to Reach:

By Train:
Kottayam railway station is located 133 km from Idukki to reach the temple.There is no railway station in Idukki.

By Bus:
State and private buses are well connecting Idukki bus station is major bus stand to major districts of Kerala.

By Flight:
Cochin international airport is located around 80 km from Idukki District is the nearest Airport to reach the Putheyakavil Devi Temple.

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