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Varkala a coastal town is located in Thiruvanathapuram District of Kerala India. It is a famous beach destination and only beach in Kerala which have cliffs adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Varkala beach is the favorite hang out plae for tourist in the city. The beaches around this area are excellent and if you’re looking for a cheap holiday Varkala should definitely be on your list.The resort area lies along two cliffs, north and south, overlooking the beach areas.The main Papanasam beach is between these, while less crowded Black Beach is to the north. This entire area is easily accessible by walking the fine sidewalk along the cliff edges.

Edava Beach– This beach is the beach where The Edava lake merges with Arabian Sea. Beautiful place to watch which gives peace and relaxes the body. One can trip here and relax.

Yoga-Kasi Yoga Anushtana Kendram is a famous yoga center located near Varkala Beach. Tourist can go for yoga lessons and treatments here.

Water Sports– You can avail the waters sports facilities near the beach. Paragliding, boating facilities are available here.

Varkala or Papanasam Beach– Famous place in Varkala due to this beach only Varkala have become famous tourist spot in Kerala. The cliff and the beach houses a lot of resorts, restaurants and other shops. The cliff has a long stretch of small shops which goes on for over a kilometer.

Black Sand Beach– Also known as Thiruvambady Beach , The Secluded black sand beach can be reached by climbing down the North Cliff of Varkala Beach or Driving Down a Kilometers along the Thiruvambady Road . A serene Stretch for those preferring peace and Solitude , the beach offers easy access to all the amenities sans the Crowds , Hawkers and Restaurants .

Watch the sunset from the Cliff – Scramble on to the wide Plateau atop the laterite cliffs besides the Papanasham Beach and bask in the Glorious Sunset . The Cliff top also offers a Scenic view of the Arabian Sea and the Magnificent Beach .

Sivagiri Mutt – Sivagiri Mutt is the final resting place of the eminent leader , saint and social reformer of Kerala , Sree Naryana Guru , The Mahasamadhi of the revered guru is located on top of a Hillock. Walk the Hallowed Grounds of the 200-acre Sivagiri Mutt and feel Enveloped by a peaceful Calmness.

Kappil River– Kappil River beside the Coastal Road passing through this area Practically holds the sea and the Estuary apart for a long Stretch , offering a delightful view of the waters on either side . Witness the Spectacular Confluence of the Arabian Sea , the Kappil River and the backwaters near the Kappil Beach

Numerous small shops line the cliff-top, selling both local and touristy attire. Scores of ayurvedic massage parlours line the promenade above the beach. you can go for massage offered by various parlour here. Varkala Tunnel 924 ft long tunnel built in 1867 by Sir T.Madhava Rao the dewan of Travancore, and took 14 years to complete is a famous historical site to visit in Varkala.

Things To Do in Varkala

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