Wayanad Excursions

Wayand is known for its hilly beauty , slopes and beautiful waterfalls which are in baundance here. There are numerous places for every taste of tourist.

List of Wayanad Excursion Places

Waterfalls Lakes and Nature

  • Chembra Peak– This peak is at the height of 2100 meters above the sea level and is located about 18 km from Kalpetta. It is one of the best place for trekking in Kerala and Wayanad.
  • Banasura Sagar Dam– The largest earth dam in India, as well as the second largest in Asia, a sprawling sanctuary and park with ever flowering trees are the major tourists attractions here. Boating facility in the dam and trekking trails draw outdoor enthusiast.
  • Meenmutty Waterfalls– Located on the ooty main road , an interesting 2 Km Jungle trek will take you to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad. Water drops from nearly 1000 ft above over three stages , presenting a triple Decker effect.
  • Sentinel Rock Waterfalls– Locally known as Soochipara, or a needle rock, the pool at the falls is ideal for quick dip. It is located about 22 km away from Kalpetta.
  • Karalad Lake– An unusually quiet retreat, a recreational park as well as facilities for angling and boating are provided here. A trek to this lake is also quite exciting.
  • Ghat Road– This is the gateway to nature’s paradise. The highest point of the ghat road Lakkidi, about 700 meters above the sea level. Ghat’s road view point is at lakkidi. Where you ca get a view of Steep , misty western ghats.
  • Soochippara WaterfallsOne of the main tourist attractions in Wayanad , this three stage waterfall is surrounded by the forest and mountains. a pool is formed beneath the fall where you can take the enjoyable dip in it.
  • Sunrise Valley– The beauty of the sunrise and sunset will not be the same if you have seen them here, in the background of misty mountains and clouds.
  • Phantom Rock– Its nature’s creative carving on the rock, looks like the heroic character Phantom;s head, thats why it has got its name, this wonder rock is 3 km from Ambalavayal.
  • Neelinala Viewpoint– Beautiful Meeenmutty waterfalls ad misty mountains can be seen from here.

Pilgrimage Places

  • Puliyarmala Jain Temple– A Jain Temple devoted to Ananthnath Swami, on of the Saints of Jain faiths , is located in Kalpetta in Wayanad.
  • Bathery jain Temple– Situated in Sultan bathery , this is a ancient temple . This 13th century Jain Temple is famous for its stone pillars and Carvings.
  • Sita Devi Temple– This is only temple dedicated to Lava Kusha , the sons of Lord Rama.
  • Lordes Matha Church – Started by a French missionary FR. Jeffry in 1905 this church is dedicated to Lourdes Matha (Mother Marry) . this is the fine example of how local rituals and Christianity are blend in the way.

Historical Places

  • AmbalaVayal Heritage Museum– You can have a glimpse of Wayanad History here. A large collection of the historic artifacts that includes head gears , weapons, pottery , tribal musical instruments, etc. The museum has a theater which shows multimedia presentations on Wayanad.
  • Muniyara– Ambukuthi Hills near Abalavayal were center of ancient settlements . Here historians have unearthed many muniyaras.
  • Ambukuthy Hills– A range of hills of scenic beauty derieved its name from a local myth associated with it. It is believed that an arrow by Lord Krishna cut the hills into 2 pieces and hence got the name.


  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary– It is a rain forest connected two other major sanctuaries , Bandipur National Park of Karnataka and Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu. This region serves the host to several herbs and medicinal plants. Various species of Faun can be found here.
  • Pakshipathalam– It is located about 8 km from Thirunelly . It is accessible only by foot, some rare species of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants can be seen here.

Chembra peak - Wayanad

Photo Credit - Chandru

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